Yao Fei
Yao Fei
Appeared in Arrow: The Undertaking
Status Deceased
Actor Byron Mann

Yao Fei was the father of the late Shado, and was one of the former mentors and a good friend of Oliver Queen. He was a master archer that was a prisoner on the island of Lian Yu. He was believed to be extremely dangerous by the Chinese government. It was later revealed, by his daughter, that the Chinese military forced him to be their scapegoat in massacring innocent people, and that he was sent to the island for crimes he did not commit. In "Arrow: The Undertaking," he refused to be Edward Fyers' scapegoat for shooting down a Ferris Air jet until Fyers threatened to kill Oliver, Slade Wilson, and his daughter Shado. After he was done filming the video message of him shooting down a Ferris Air jet, Fyers killed him because he no longer had a reason to keep him alive on the island. His death was avenged by Oliver, who later kills Fyers with an arrow, thereby saving Shado.


Arrow: The UndertakingEdit

After the three were captured, they were taken back to Fyers' camp. As a means for bargaining, Fyers would kill them if Yao Fei did not record the footage for him to send to the Chinese government that would make it seem as if Yao Fei was to blame for the Ferris Air bombings. No longer having a use for Yao Fei after the recording was completed, Fyers promptly shot him in the head and killed him.



Behind the scenesEdit

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