Winslow Schott Jr.
Alias(es) Toyman
Appeared in Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer
Status Alive
Actor Bud Cort

Winslow P. Schott Jr. is the villain known as Toyman and is a member of the Secret Society.


Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer

Toyman became the pilot of the Secret Society's spaceship. When a riot erupted and divided the villains into two factions, he joined Lex Luthor and held his own, defeating Killer Frost with a headbutt, cracking his mask on the side, and doing a few tricks with a heavily rigged yo-yo. Toyman fired what appeared to resemble Nerf darts at Darkseid's parademons. After Darkseid's defeat, Toyman and the other villains were given a five minute head start by the Justice League.


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