Walter Steele
Walter Steele
Appeared in Arrow: The Undertaking
Status Alive
Actor Colin Salmon

Walter Steele is the CFO of Starling National Bank, formerly the CEO of Queen Consolidated. He was also the best friend of the late Robert Queen, and is the ex-husband of Moira Queen, and the former step-father of Oliver and Thea Queen.


Arrow: The UndertakingEdit

Moira, after learning from Oliver that Walter was apparently dead, approached Malcolm in anger. He promptly provided a live video feed to Walter being held in a cell. Following this, Oliver, after some research, discovered the location where Walter was being kept. Oliver, in his guise as The Hood, then rescued Walter. Walter, though not visibly injured, ended up at the hospital. His family greeted him warmly, and Felicity Smoak brought him a bouquet of flowers.

Shortly after returning home, Walter told Moira he wanted a divorce, as he had long since realized she was involved in his abduction.

Arrow: UnthinkableEdit

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Behind the scenesEdit

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  • In the comic books, Walter Steele is Caucasian.


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