Wallace West
512 145
Alias(es) Wally West
Kid Flash
Appeared in Teen Titans: Calling All Titans
Status Alive
Actor Michael Rosenbaum

Wallace "Wally" West, also known as Kid Flash, is the super quick nephew and sidekick of Barry Allen.


Calling All TitansEdit

When the Brotherhood of Evil finally executed its plans to eliminate all young superheroes around the world, Kid Flash and Jinx were among the few who managed to elude capture. Soon afterwards they joined the Titans' final assault on the Brotherhood, with Kid Flash dealing his share by ferrying all defeated villains to flash-freeze treatment. Later on he and Jinx would mingle with the other Honorary Titans in Titans Tower and subsequently participated in the recapture of Doctor Light.


  • Super Speed


  • Jinx - Love interest and teammate.


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