Victoria Vale
Vicki Vale 01
Alias(es) Vicki Vale
Appeared in Batman
Actor Kim Basinger

Victoria "Vicki" Vale was potrayed by Kim Basinger in Batman. She is the love interest of billionare playboy Bruce Wayne. As well as his alter ego Batman.

Biography Edit

Batman (1989)Edit

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • Sean Young was originally cast as Vicki before being forced to bow out due to a horseback riding related injury. Ironically, the horseback riding scene was removed from Batman when Kim Basinger joined the production.
  • The first draft of Batman Returns was intended to be a direct sequel to the previous film. As a result, subplots and continuity from the first film that would have been addressed included Bruce Wayne proposing to Vicki at the end.



  • In the comics, Vicki has red hair, in the movie she is blonde. This change was also brought over to Batman: Arkham City, where Vicki was a supporting character.

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