Victor Zsasz
Alias(es) Mr. Zsasz
Appeared in Batman Begins
Actor Tim Booth

Victor Zsasz is a criminal of Gotham City.


Batman BeginsEdit

One of Carmine Falcone's thugs, Victor Zsasz is a killer, who butchers Falcone's enemies using a knife. He's arrested thanks to Rachel Dawes' efforts, and sent to Arkham Asylum. During Ra's al Ghul attack to the city, anyway, he's freed along with other prisoners.

The Dark KnightEdit

Victor Zsasz is confirmed to be still at large after the events of the League of Shadows' attack.

Character traitsEdit

Mr. Zsasz is a sadistic killer, who's used to cut himself with a tally mark for every victim. He's able in knife usage, and quite an athletic fighter.



Behind the scenesEdit


  • In the comics, Zsasz is a serial killer, while in the movie he's portrayed as a hitman.


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