Victor Fries
Victor Fries Gods and Monsters 0001
Appeared in Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Status Deceased
Actor Jim Meskimen

Victor Fries was a Nobel prize winning thermal expert who was part of Lex Luthor's "Project Fair Play" contingency.


Justice League: Gods and MonstersEdit

Victor Fries went on to become a thermal expert and won Nobel and Kyoto prizes for his work. Fries worked for the government and President Waller. He was one of the scientists recruited to Project Fair Play, a secret program dedicated to perfecting methods to neutralize the Justice League.

Fries embarked on a project to measure atmospheric carbon levels near the Arctic Circle. On his way to retrieve one last set of readings, Fries got a call from Hank, one of his co-workers. The storm front was coming in faster than expected. Fries told Hank to warm up the brandy. Just as he began to download the last reading, a Boom Tube appeared in the distance. Will Magnus' Batdroid stepped out and chased after him.

Fries took off on his sled but lost focus and crashed. He quickly grabbed a handgun from his satchel and looked around. He backed right into the Batdroid and fired in vain. The bullets bounced off. The Batdroid bit his neck, severing his carotid artery, and drained all his blood. Fries' body was thrown into a ravine.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Scientist

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Behind the scenesEdit

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Justice League: Gods and MonstersEdit

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