Vampire Batman
Alias(es) Batman
Appeared in Batman: Gotham Knight

Vampire Batman appears in Batman: Gotham Knight and is silent. This was a version of Batman as described by a teenager..


Batman: Gotham KnightEdit

Four kids in a skate park all claim to have seen Batman fight with a high tech criminal called Man in Black but all have their own imaginations. One of them claims that they saw a Vampire Batman fighting Man in Black. This version of Batman as described by the teenager is said to have the power to melt away, reappear at will, and turn into a shadow. A flashback of this Batman is shown fighting Man in Black, he then viciously kills Man in Black.


  • In the comics Vampire Batman was a real character who appeared in the comic Batman & Dracula: Red Rain. He was the real Batman who was transformed into a vampire after being bitten by Dracula. As a vampire he still fought for good.
  • Vampire Batman made a cameo on Batman The Brave and The Bold where Bat-Mite used his magic powers to change Batman's appearance.

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