Appeared in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Vamp was the evil counterpart of Vixen.


Justice League: Crisis on Two EarthsEdit

A refugee, Vamp was recruited to join J'edd J'arkus' Made Men. When she accepted the offer, she was given a mystical totem that could grant her to the power to take the form of any animal she chose. After J'arkus' demise, she was later associated with Owlman. While searching for the Quantum trigger, Vamp fought Wonder Woman by changing into a Lion, Snake, and a Bear. Vamp was knocked into submission When Wonder Woman applied her knee to Vamps midsection. She then changed back into human form.

Powers Edit

  • Animal Morphing


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Behind the scenesEdit

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  • Unlike Vixen, she can turn into the animals she mimics and can even take the form of a male lion, despite being a female.


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