So, I know you've all seen the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer by now. How do I know? Because you have internet access, and a pulse!

I'm sure I wasn't alone in my feelings of disappointment and frustration... even anger on some level at the filmmakers involved with Dawn of Justice. Admittedly for me - as with many others - most of this has been directed at the controversial Bat-fleck casting decision. The public outcry after this announcement wasn't exactly subtle. Was that fair? Not remotely, but fans like us are a passionate bunch, and this is Batman, for Pete's (Bruce's?) sake! However, if you take a look back at Bat-film casting history, ALL of the modern-day Batman/Bruce Wayne casting choices came under fire from fans in their time. Sometimes it was warranted, sometimes not - likewise, sometimes the resulting films kicked ass... and sometimes not. (I'll resist calling them out, but you know what I'm talking about) So, once again we were faced with an actor that none us arm-chair casting directors would ever have chosen - set to portray our beloved billionaire crime fighter, Bruce Wayne. Cue the all too familiar reaction of: Rabble Rabble Rabble.

And then - the new trailer dropped. All of the sudden, the pitch-fork and torch wielding mob is singing a whole new tune! This movie looks dark! Really dark! And not only has Bruce Wayne apparently been hanging out with Tony Stark, but he wants Superman's blood, and I'm into it! I can't remember another time when a single, 2 minute video has changed my mind so drastically about any movie. I mean, maybe this film will still end up being terrible, and letting us all down, but if that does end up being the case, I have to give them all that much more credit for this amazing trailer. The chants of "Go Home! Go Home! Go Home!" and the epic closing line from "The 'Fleck" (patent-pending on that nickname, btw, but only if he wins me over with his performance in this film) were crazy powerful... I'm a little worried about "dat bat-voice tho" - but I'm fairly certain we're hearing an armor-augmented version of it. (even though his mouth seemed to be free? hmmm...) Nice touch slipping the Riddler (?) reference in there as well, I must say...

Anyway, watch the trailer for yourself if you've been living under a rock for the past few days (or if you've just gotta see it again), and comment below with your post-trailer thoughts on this movie!

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