Greetings Justice League fans! As Warner Bros. Pictures rushes to get a Justice League movie out and about for 2015, the rumor mill starts churning yet again in hopes of figuring out the details behind the project. This time around, The Latino Review claims to know the answer to one of the most anticipated questions about the movie; who will play the villain? Claiming an exclusive scoop, they insist the principal baddie in the film will be none other than Darkseid, fittingly so since it is only appropriate that a god take on such a conglomerate of powerful heroes. Fears of doing too much too soon come into mind however, especially taking into account that this will be the debut of other superheroes who won't have time for their corresponding movie to come beforehand.

So, what do you guys think? Is WB and DC jumping the gun by having one of the biggest and baddest terrorize the universe first? Or is this announcement only fitting when you consider the sequel to the Avengers will have their own titanic foe? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to catch the exclusive video below!

News Justice League Movie Villain Announced01:04

News Justice League Movie Villain Announced

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