Since the dawn of time, nerds have never been able to get a girlfriend and most fantasize about woman. Instead about fantasizing about real woman the fantasize about cartoons. Now don't get me wrong some cartoons are hot, but i don't fantasize about them which is why I'm gonna be doing my first Commodores Thoughts blog post on Power Girl

Here's my problem. I think that comic book writers hate how the common nerds admire cartoon woman when they should be out trying to score real woman. They obviously love the product endorsement, but they still hate the common comments like, "Wonder Woman's hot" or "Catwoman can scratch my back" or whatever. But then all of a sudden they go and draw this

What the heck were they thinking when they drew her! I mean I know they have to make female super heroes fit and attractive, but they had to go and make her b...err, chest really big. Recently when I typed in Power Girl to see who she was played by in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, instead of finding an actor, I found hundreds of inappropriate drawings of her. You comic book writers so sad, great and creative, but so sad. Now I'm not gay if thats what you're thinking. I do think she is really hot, but I think it's sad that they would draw those I mean that I mean her like that.

So Leave me a Comment and Tell Me what t you think

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