There are many DC characters I'd like to seee appear in a DC movie. I've listed some below

Metallo (Justice League Doom)

John Corben/Metallo

John Corben/Metallo

I'd Like to see Metallo appear in a Superman film. Now I'm not hoping he's in the Man of Steel because it'll be very unlikely since this about Superman fighting Zod. If somehow they managed to get Metallo in there I'll be impressed, but it's very unlikely. Now he wasn't always my favorite villian. I took a liking to him when I saw him in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and Justice League: Doom. I believe he's a great opponent for Superman if they would have a sequel.

Leave me a Comment and tell me what you think about him in a Superman Film. More To Be Added.


John Blake 05


Now I know what people would say. "He has already appeared in DC films he just made an appearance in The Dark Knight Rises. Yes I'm aware of that, but I mean him in costume as Robin. Don't get me wrong, I thought he was awesome in the third Nolan Film, but I want to see him as the boy wonder. I'm hoping they would make a Robin Film after this. I realized that Christopher Nolan said it was his last Batman film, but he said nothing about his last DC film. (Unless he mean't his last film about anything related to Batman) then I'm just getting myself set up to be let down. Leave me a Comment and tell me what you think. More To be Added.


I wish he was in one of the Nolan films.

Blue Lanterns

Blue lanterns by Bakanekonei

Blue Lanterns

Now the Blue Lanterns is one the biggest long-shots ever, but it would be awesome if I saw them in a Green Lantern Movie. If they did they would mostly show Saint Walker. I believe it would be a great story line to show these character in it. It would basically be about Hal Jordan or whatever earth Green Lantern it is currently on, would lose hope. And Hope being the Blue Lanterns Power Source as Will is to the Green Lantern Power Source it would involve them helping him regain to fight a deadly threat. Leave a Comment and tell me what you think. More To Be Added.

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