• Rushtongri

    DC Live-Action Universe

    August 20, 2012 by Rushtongri

    Alright, we all know that there are tons and tons of rumors and ideas flying around for a Justice League movie and from that a Wonder Woman movie and a Flash film. This is my idea for a way to go at it.

    -Green Lantern- done-

    -Dark Knight Trilogy- done

    -Man of Steel- done-

    -I don't know what is going to be thrown into to this film possibly relating to a Justice League film. But, I'm going to assume that nothing will be mentioned for purposes for this article.

    -The Flash Film

    -My logic is that introducing this secondary character (although being immensely famous) would help start to open up the expanded world of DC superheroes which Green Lantern started to do. I think this film should include easter eggs about the world they're in by including news … Read more >