I should ask the creator of The Avengers for permission to copyright, but I kinda got ahead

Captain Marvel's Freedom Fighters movie titles (star heroes) [Star villains]

2012: Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel) [Black Adam]

2013: Captain Marvel 2 (Captain Marvel, Marry Marvel) [Mr.Mind]

      Green Arrow (Green Arrow) [Count Vertigo]

2014: Captain Marvel 3 (Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr.) [Dr.Sivana]

      Green Arrow 2 (Green Arrow, Speedy: changed to Red Arrow in the end) [Sportsmaster]
      OMAC: The One Man Army Corps (OMAC) [Sharpnel]
      Uncle Sam (Uncle Sam, General George Washington) [Nimitz]

2015: Blue Beetle (Blue Beetle{Jaime Reyes}) [Jarvis Kord as the Blue Basher]

      Captain Marvel 4 (Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Uncle Marvel {with powers}
      Green Arrow 3 (Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Arrowette) [Tigress]
      Katana (Katana) [Cheshire]
      OMAC: The One Woman Army Corps (OMAC, OWAC) [Gasbag]
      Uncle Sam 2 (Uncle Sam, Abraham Lincoln) [John Wilkes Boom {He 1st appeared in the beginning of the Batman: The Brave & The Bold series finale "Mitefall!"}]

2016: Captain Marvel's Freedom Fighters (Freedom Fighters: Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior., Uncle Marvel, Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Arrowette, OMAC, OWAC, Uncle Sam, Blue Beetle, Katana) [Legion of Doom: Black Adam, Mr.Mind, Dr.Sivana, Captain Nazi, Count Vertigo, Sportsmaster, Tigress, Sharpnel, Gasbag, Nimitz, John Wilkes Boom, Blue Basher, Cheshire]

next is the back-written information

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