DC’s upcoming Justice League movie is perhaps the worst mistake they’ve ever made.

First, a few things. 1) If this site has a blog feature then we might as well use it, like how it’s used at the Marvel Database. 2) I may be more a fan of Marvel’s comics, but I do read a few DC titles (Batman, Superman, Justice League) and I think their TV shows are much better than Marvel’s.

However, I want to talk about movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (the two Iron Man films, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers) was just about all awesome. The Amazing-Spider Man was also awesome, just not as much. And the X-Men films, while more of a mixed bag, are still mostly good.

DC hasn’t diversified their properties like Marvel has. They’ve put all their efforts on Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern, and, except for the 1989 Batman, Christopher Nolan’s films, and the first two Superman movies, the results have been less-than-stellar.

Marvel first introduced the idea for an Avengers movie at the very end of Iron Man, and really confirmed it with The Incredible Hulk. Four years later, we get The Avengers in theaters. They built up to it.

DC isn’t doing this. They’re jumping straight into a Justice League movie without any support. Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter - none of them are getting their own movies. And who knows if Green Lantern will be getting a reboot.

And the movie’s scheduled to come out in 2015! That’s only three years away! That’s nowhere near enough time to build this movie from the ground-up! By this point, Marvel will already be done with their Avengers Phase 2, and the X-Men and rebooted Spider-Man series will all be getting sequels. Meanwhile, the only other thing DC has scheduled is Man of Steel, which comes out next year. And maybe a Batman reboot, or something with Lobo or Green Lantern, but that’s it.

And who would the villain be? Darkseid? It could work, but we really need to know more about him and a Justice League movie can’t do that. Black Lanterns? The Green Lantern mythos isn’t well developed enough for that to work. White Martians? Atlanteans? Thanagarians? The movie’s already known to be a cynical cash-in on The Avengers, and they already did an invasion storyline! Starro? That could work, but Hollywood is more likely to really screw that up. Or maybe Lex “I-Am-The-Villain-Of-Too-Many-Superman-Movies” Luthor?

I don’t hate the Justice League, and I was pretty excited about this project when I first heard about it. But I am very nervous about this film. Marvel had a plan with the Avengers, while DC is too short-sighted. I am very, very, very frightened about this.

upgrade: and the worst of all it can be filmed the next year for god!!!! they are going to launch the league to us and then we get the individuals. this film is only doom at my point of view because it have no director, no cast,no producer and no info.

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