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    With the announcement of Ben Affleck in Batman Vs Superman and the rumours of David Tennant being eyed for the role of Plastic Man in the (hopefully) upcoming Justice League film I thought I'd write a blog on who is rumoured to be appearing in the film and at the end I'll write a little bit about who I think should be in the team roster for this film.

    This one's pretty much a no-brainer. The Man of Steel (no matter how much i disliked it) was a financial success and David S Goyer has stated that this film is intended to be the first step into a larger universe. I would assume that the studio is going to get Cavill back in the role of Superman and I hope they do as he was one of the redeeming factors of the Man of Steel for me.

    With the news …

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    Since I finally finished both my Justice League movie Poster and Trailer, I have been going over various ideas as to how to tell the story of this film. There's not a film that I want to see more than a Justice League film, and of course I want to see this film done right. With that said, below is my plot for the Justice League movie. It's set in continuity with Green Lantern and some of the older DC Comics movies/TV shows.  I've included various influences, including Justice League: The Animated Series, Justice League: The New Frontier and The Justice League New 52 run.

    Note: I know the climactic duel sounds a lot like the one in the Avengers and it was not intended to be that way. The original plot had Darkseid which is why I used port…

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    DC Vs. Marvel

    August 19, 2012 by Firefly-Fan

    Since the beggining of comic books themselves there has always been one battle that has stood out over all the rest: Marvel Vs. DC. Though that battle has never really been setled officialy in film, they have crossed over in the comics on some occasions . Still even in those crossovers there is still no official winner. Well after reading one of those crossovers yesterday it inspired me to ask who you guys think would win. I'll split it up int 9 of what I think are the most interesting duels between certain characters. Let me know in the comments who you guys think will win and at the end of the week I'll count up the results and post them here. Note: I also posted this blog on the Marvel Movies wikia so I'll add each of the websites' vote…

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    Greetings! Now that the Dark Knight Rises is in theaters and Nolan's series is officially complete, many have been asking which is a better series: Burton's or Nolan's. Here I have 13 categories based on how the movies were to the comics. I also have a category for music that will be saved for a tiebreaker (if needed). I know that many of you have yet to see the Dark Knight Rises so I will not include spoilers on that. (Note: My favorite Batman series is Burton's so if you disagree with anything let me know in the comments.)

    Keaton’s Batman is imposing, brooding and intimidating. The first time we see him, he dangles a thief over the edge of a roof, snarling that he’s not going to kill him. But then he pulls the thief face to face. Even tho…

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