• DodgerNYC

    The Batman Reboot

    January 27, 2013 by DodgerNYC

    Okay, so I know many people have a lot of different opinions about this very idea, but this blog is about the supposed Batman movie reboot. Now, I really, really loved the Dark Knight Trilogy and was fascinated by Nolan's realistic take on Batman, but that trilogy is over. Christoper Nolan has said over and over that he will not make another Batman movie, and Christian Bale said he won't return without Nolan, and honestly, I don't want them to continue the Dark Knight Trilogy anyways. I think if the creator wants something ended, then it should end, and we should respect Nolan enough to not demand another Dark Knight movie.

    DC/Warner Bros have said that the next cinematic Batman will be a reboot, and while that word has gained a very ugly rep…

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  • DodgerNYC

    Arrow and Amazon tv shows

    December 3, 2012 by DodgerNYC

    Does anyone here watch the CW's Arrow tv series? If so, then hopefully you love it as much as I do! There's also word that the CW will be creating a new show called Amazon, which will be about Diana as she becomes Wonder Woman (similar to Smallville, I suppose). There's recently been a commotion that Diana's name would be Iris in the show, but that's been put down and the creators confirmed that she would named Diana, as she should be.

    Anyways, like I said, I love the Arrow tv show, and I think Stephen Amell does a great job as Oliver Queen/Arrow and I would love to see him play the character in the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe, plus if Arrow became a part of that future Movieverse, we would also get such characters as Black Canary, Speedy, Red A…

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  • DodgerNYC

    So what do we know about the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe? I am a fan of both Marvel and DC superheroes, and I absolutely love how Marvel has created their Movieverse. So what about the one DC is aiming for?

    Well, it is supposed to begin with the Man of Steel movie in 2013, which I am highly anticipating (it looks amazing, and with Chris Nolan as a producer it has to be awesome). After that, we'll be (allegedly) getting a Justice League movie in summer of 2015 to compete with Marvel's The Avengers sequel.

    Assuming that Justice League is a success (everyone cross their fingers), then DC is rumored to come out with several indivivual hero movies afterwards (opposite of how Marvel used individual movies to build up to their crossover movie). Among…

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