Batman villians

With The Dark Knight Rises coming out I decided to do a comparison of villians. I will compare Burtonverse villians with Nolan's. This page will include SPOILER ALERTS so if you have not yet seen The Dark Knight Rises do not read this. I will also answer the dreaded question....Jack Nicholson vs Heath Ledger.

Round 1: Catwoman

Michelle Pfeiffer

Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer comes out as a nerdy assistant to Max Shrek. Soon to be pushed out a window and getting healed by ally cats. I found this part gave a weird but interesting way of her becoming Catwoman. As she goes home with rage smashing the place to pieces just because she got a bit angry. I still see the scene where she claws the guys face in the allyway. Her artillery is more comic book like as she has the Catwoman whip. She gives us the sexy romantic love devil we all enjoy. She starts having feelings with Bruce / Batman. When they dance at the ball to where they reveal their identities. Catwoman is seen kissing Max Shrek with a taser in her mouth where she mysterioulsly dissapears. Michelle gave us all a chill but gave us SEXY, romantic comic book, Catwoman.

Anne Hathaway

DKR Catwoman1
Anne Hathaway starts out with a criminal record which she trys to clear up. She also gives us the sly burgler type Catwoman as she disguises herself as a maid. When she is betrayed by her imployer she escapes. She does not have a whip but does have more tech. Her costume is just a cat mask where Michelle's was a full body suit. She as well has a romantic spark but not the spark we were looking for. She gives us the feel of false love most of the film. She at the end is discovered living with Bruce Wayne far away from Gotham. Like - what the heck?

Winner: Michelle Pfeiffer - She gave us the comic book Catwoman we were looking for. She was smart, sexy, and romantic. If you disagree tell me in the comments.

Round 2: Two-Face

Tommy Lee Jones

Two-Face Tommy Lee Jones
Tommy Lee Jones gave us a deranged man who became diffrent and got mad about it. He has the goons as his assistants, Sugar and Spice. He has the look and the feelng of a crime boss. In the film he befriends the Riddler where they soon find the true identity of Batman. Tommy gave us the feeling that he doesn't care and just wants to kill Batman. The coin is also used throughout the film. Near the end Batman tosses coins to confuse him causing him to fall into a pit of sharp rocks. While he starts to drown his coin lands on heads. Needless to say Tommy nailed Two-Face right against the wall.

Aaron Eckhart

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