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    Hey! So I am a much bigger DC fan than a Marvel fan, and all the Avengers and Iron Man and Marvel success has gotten me jealous, so I've been thinking of ways to "improve" the DC film universe and introduce a Justice League Movie :D Please comment below...

    Okay, so, I'll start with the story:

    Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage, Circe, and Sinestro have all teamed up and become a Secret Society/Legion Of Doom sort of thing. They serve under Darkseid, hoping to bring him to Earth and rule with him. However, they must first take out Earth's only hope- it's superheroes. With their vast resources, they bring together Amazo, an android capable of copying superpowers; Lobo, an extremely strong bounty hunter; Prometheus, a genius powered by a cybernetic suit…

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