Appeared in Superman: The Movie
Superman II (Donner Cut)
Actor Sarah Douglas

Ursa was an accomplice of General Zod during his attempt to overthrow the government of Krypton. She was known for her unreasoning hatred of all man kind, minus Zod and their lackey Non. She was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone with Zod and Non, and she was released with them.


Superman: The MovieEdit

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Superman IIEdit

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  • Ursa was almost undoubtedly based on the character of Faora from the Pre-Crisis Superman comics. She was a Phantom Zone villain who first appeared in Action Comics #471 (May, 1977). Like Ursa, she hates males and is in fact sentenced to the Phantom Zone for "wantonly causing the death of 23 Kryptonian men in her own male concentration camp." Since she is from Krypton it is most likely she is vulnerable to Kryptonite.


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