Uncle Super
Uncle Super
Appeared in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Actor Bruce Timm

Uncle Super was the evil counterpart of Uncle Marvel.


Justice League: Crisis on Two EarthsEdit

When Owlman and Superwoman's joint hit on the Justice League base went down hill, Superwoman called in her top three Made Men, Captain Super, Uncle Super, and Captain Super Jr.. They had failed to turn the tides when Wonder Woman stole Owlman's jet and put it in chameleon mode. When Owlman sent Superwoman on a mission to locate the Quantum trigger on the Parallel Justice Leagues ship, she brought along Uncle Super and the others. Uncle Super was the first to try and take down Batman while in a mechanical suit. Batman flung Uncle into a wall.

When Batman called in reinforcements, Uncle Super was the last to fall. Black Lightning drained the Watchtower's powers to increase his own and electrocuted Uncle into submission. Captain Super and Superwoman had left Uncle and Jr. behind.

It is unknown what happened to Uncle and Jr. They could've been imprisoned on the Parallel Earth or they were sent back home when the Crime Syndicate was defeated.


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

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