Tina Magnus
Tina JLG&M 2
Appeared in Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Status Deceased
Actor Grey Griffin

Tina Magnus was the wife of Will Magnus and best friend of Kirk Langstrom.


Justice League: Gods and MonstersEdit

Tina attended Gotham University with Will Magnus and Kirk Langstrom and graduated together. While Tina was Will's girlfriend, she actually loved Kirk. Several hours after graduating, Tina and Magnus found Kirk in a lab sleeping as his project trials commenced. Tina convinced Kirk to go to a party for her. She acted as the designated driver but refused to spend the night with Magnus. After Kirk collapsed, she dialed 911 and requested an ambulance. She scolded Kirk for downplaying the stage of cancer he was in. For five days, Kirk Langstrom, Will Magnus, and Tina worked on perfecting the Bat Venom cure with nanites. After Kirk was injected, Tina and Will took him back to the apartment. They heard noise from the bedroom and forced their way in. The furniture was in shambles and Kirk Langstrom was gone.

Eventually, Tina married Will out of obligation even though he knew that she loved Kirk. Even though Kirk became a vampire, she still loved him. Tina kept urging Will to find a cure for Kirk. She never let up and asked him night and day. A year into their marriage, one day, Will finally snapped and hit Tina but she fell and fatally struck her head on a table. After that Will had a revelation. If he, the best and brightest of men, were capable of such a monstrous act, then what hope was there for mankind? He decided to change the world with a Nanite Bomb and connect everyone's mind into one. He kept Tina's death a secret and made a "twin" from a platinum isotope that could mimic human flesh. Platinum posed as Tina for years. Batman didn't find out until it was too late after "Tina's" death at the hands of a killer droid.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

  • Science
  • Above Average Intelligence


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit


Justice League: Gods and MonstersEdit

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