Tim Booth

Tim Booth portrayed Victor Zsasz in Batman Begins.

Significant rolesEdit

  • Luke - 1921 in Skarecrow (2004)
  • Victor Zsasz in Batman Begins (2004)
  • Judas in Manchester Passion (2006)
  • Gabriel De Souza in Poor Wee Mee (2010)


  • "I should say my favourite hero is Batman, 'cause I just got my arse kicked in the new Batman movie, by the "caped-crusader". I have a tiny part, as a serial killer, and while I was in make-up, Batman was undergoing his three hour costume transformation (How these Super-heroes ever get to a crime scene on time, is beyond me!). Anyway, Christian Bale (Batman) got out of his seat, shook my hand, and said "Tim Booth? From James? Laid is one of my all time favorite albums. It saw me through a really difficult time." So, in an act of mutual, back-slapping, respect, I'll say Batman."

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