"Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up."
―Thomas Wayne [src]
Dr. Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne
Alias(es) Dr. Wayne
Appeared in Batman Begins
Status Deceased
Actor Linus Roache

Dr. Thomas Wayne was portrayed by Linus Roache in Batman Begins. He was the father of Bruce Wayne and husband to Martha Wayne.


Batman BeginsEdit

Dr. Thomas Wayne was a surgeon at the Gotham General Hospital, and of the fifth generation of the Wayne family to live in the Wayne Manor. He was the chairman of Wayne Enterprises until his death, a position that his friend and board member Lucius Fox would get later on after Bruce gained control of the company. Bruce falling into the cave is included in this film. Being one of the most prominent citizens in Gotham, he was trying to change the city into a better place, up until the end of his life. In this version, he and Martha are murdered at gunpoint by Joe Chill, a petty criminal, after attending a performance of Mefistofele. They leave the opera early when Bruce is scared by bat-like demons onstage. Martha's pearls are heard falling, but aren't shown. Thomas is killed because he is trying to protect his wife, after Chill tries to rip off her necklace. It is revealed in the movie that the deaths of two such prominent citizens encourages Gotham City's elite to bring it back from the brink of ruin (in the process temporarily foiling Ra's al Ghul's plan to destroy the city's economy). Dr. Wayne's last words were to his son, "Bruce... it's ok... don't be afraid."

Batman: Gotham KnightEdit

When Bruce Wayne has flashbacks of his parents being killed, Thomas Wayne is seen briefly in the flashbacks.



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