Thomas Kalmaku
Tom Kalmaku
Alias(es) Tom Kalmaku
Appeared in Green Lantern
Status Alive
Actor Taika Waititi

Thomas "Tom" Kalmaku is Hal Jordan's friend.


Green LanternEdit

Thomas Kalmaku was an aviation technician at Ferris Aircraft. He designed U-CAVs and was present at the test flight against normal fighter jets which were to be flown by Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris. Hal began pushing his jet to its limited altitude knowing Tom's U-CAVs wouldn't cope. Tom's U-CAVs were taken out by Hal as they began to plummet but Hal's jet couldn't cope either, forcing him to eject.

Later Tom received a phone call from Hal, asking if Tom could collect him. Tom drove out to the swamp where Hal revealed that Abin Sur had appointed him a Green Lantern and given him a power ring and battery.

Hal once again contacted Tom after he made his debut appearance in public as Green Lantern, making Tom the first to know that Hal was the hero. Tom then suggested that Hal should go to talk to Carol based on the reasoning that the hero always gets the girl.



Behind the scenesEdit

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Green LanternEdit

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