Flying Graysons
The Flying Graysons
Members John Grayson
Mary Grayson
Mitchell Grayson
Dick Grayson
Appeared in Batman Forever
Status Disbanded
Actors Larry A. Lee
Glory Fioramonti
Chris O'Donnell

The Flying Graysons were a group of circus acrobats.


Batman ForeverEdit

When Two-Face tries to blow up the entire Gotham circus looking for Batman, the Flying Graysons, the circus' acrobats, manage to take the bomb which was supposed to destroy the circus thanks to their skills. Two-Face, upset by the intervention, kills all the members of the acrobatic family, but Dick, who was disposing of the bomb throwing it in the river near the circus.

Known membersEdit

Deceased membersEdit

Former membersEdit

  • Dick Grayson (became a vigilante known as Robin; after the death of his family)


  • In the movie, the Graysons are wearing what in the comics is Robin's original costume.
  • In the comics, the Flying Graysons consist of John, Mary and Dick. Mitch was created for the movie.

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