Talon's Father
Talon's father BVSR
Appeared in Batman vs. Robin
Status Deceased

Talon's Father was a master thief in Gotham City.


Batman vs. RobinEdit

There was a master thief in Gotham City who trained his son at an early age. Always obsessed with timing, he carried an ornate pocket watch with him at all times. His son worshiped him and tried and tried to please him but he never was. He was a drunk and abused his son over and over. Likewise, after a failed robbery at a residence, the thief beat his son then drank himself to sleep at around 12:20 am. The son stole the watch and called the police from a phone booth. At 12:45 am, a S.W.A.T. unit broke into his apartment. He awoke and grabbed his hand gun. He was shot dead. The boy later become the Court of Owls' next Talon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Thievery


  • Hand-Gun



  • DC Animated Film Universe (1 films)

Behind the scenesEdit

To be added


To be added


Batman vs. RobinEdit

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