Talia al Ghul
Talia Al Gul BMBB
Alias(es) Mother
Appeared in Son of Batman
Batman vs. Robin
Batman: Bad Blood
Status Presumably deceased
Actor Morena Baccarin
"Learn from your father, Damian. For he is very wise and you are the future."
―Talia al Ghul [src]

Talia al Ghul is the daughter of the leader of the League of Assassins, Ra's al Ghul. She is the mother of Damian Wayne.


Son of BatmanEdit

Years ago, Talia spent the night with Bruce Wayne and drugged him into making love with her, which lead to the birth of their son, Damian. Talia kept the child a secret from Batman and raised Damian in the ways of the League of Assassins.

When Damian was older, Talia, Damian, and Ra's were overseeing the training of the League until they were breached by a League of Assassins led by Ra's al Ghul's former henchman, Deathstroke. Talia led the defense of the League's base, then after the death of Ra's, brought her son to Batman for safety. Talia was captured during a failed attack on Deathstroke's base, and was subjected to severe torture. Later, Deathstroke used the threat of killing her to make Damian come to his base. In addition to her wounds from the torture, Talia was shot upon shielding Damian with her body. Batman later used the nearby Lazarus Pit, around which the base was built, to revive her. She was healed and, after thanking Batman for saving her and Damian's life, departed to rebuild the League, leaving Damian with Batman.

Batman vs. RobinEdit

Talia makes a cameo appearing in Bruce's nightmare as one of the fallen next to Damian Wayne's Batman.

Batman: Bad BloodEdit

Talia has abandoned any pretense of morality and relinquished her compassion for both Damian and Bruce, seeing both primarily as tools to serve her purpose. Talia creates an artificially full-grown clone of Damian known as the Heretic and recruits multiple super-villains like Blockbuster, Calculator, Electrocutioner, Firefly, Hellhound, Killer Moth, and Mad Hatter. After capturing Bruce, Talia brainwashes him into her loyal servant. Later, she has Bruce use the new communication software of Wayne Enterprise to brainwash the various political leaders of the world. Her efforts are ultimately stopped by the "Bat-Family" and Nightwing manages to help Bruce break free of Talia's control. Furious that she failed at both ambitions of controlling the world and having Bruce at her side, Talia retreats. She proceeds to escape on her jet, but is confronted inside by Onyx and counterattacks causing the jet to crash and leaving their fates unknown.


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  • DC Animated Film Universe (3 film)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Morena Baccarin previously voiced Black Canary on Justice League Unlimited.


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