Appeared in Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer
Actor Juliet Landau

Tala was a powerful sorceress who worked for Project Cadmus and was later recruited in Grodd's Legion of Doom.


Justice League Unlimited: DestroyerEdit

Tala asserted Luthor that his pursuit of Brainiac was a "pure wild goose chase", and was growing increasingly desperate over his obsession. She cast a spell on Brainiac's fragment to prove it was just a rock; however, upon doing so, she was assailed by images of Brainiac's demise in outer space, which allowed Luthor to determine the location and set off after it.

Tala was very jealous, possessive, and longed for affection. As a result, her loyalty was volatile. She quickly grew tired of "competing with a dead computer" and being spurned by Lex Luthor. So, in an act of revenge, Tala turned to Grodd, who was being held prisoner within the headquarters, and raised a mutiny against Luthor. However, when Tala attempted to directly attack Luthor, she was subdued by her own magic thanks to a magic amulet that her former lover had purchased for just such a situation.

After Luthor's warring faction emerged triumphant, Tala begged for forgiveness, pleading insanity. Luthor strapped Tala into a contraption to use her as a mystical conduit to reassemble Brainiac. In the end Tala couldn't endure the painful process and died screaming, succumbing to the excruciating agony, but not before she used the last of her strength to interfere with the process to have it revive Darkseid instead as her final act of revenge on Luthor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Sorcery


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

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