The Supersuit is a term to describe the outfit worn by Superman.

Designs Edit


Superman: The SerialEdit

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Atom Man vs. SupermanEdit

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Superman and the Mole MenEdit

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Superman: The MovieEdit

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Superman IIEdit

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Superman IIIEdit

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Superman IV: The Quest for PeaceEdit

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Superman ReturnsEdit

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DC Extended UniverseEdit

Man of SteelEdit

The suit is a native Kryptonian suit that bears the House of El emblem and is coloured blue with a red cape. The suit belonged to a family member of Jor-El who stored it in one of their Scout ships when they travelled to the planet Earth where it landed in the Arctic Circle. It remained there dormant until Jor-El's son, Kal-El who was sent to Earth as a baby to escaped Krypton's destruction, discovered the ship and the suit inside. He took the suit as a rite of passage and wore it when protecting the planet Earth from threats.

The suit is made from native Kryptonian materials (as the suit is extremely durable to the point that bullets cannot penetrate it, and even explosives from missiles could not damage it) and is a one piece suit coloured in a dark blue. It has darker blue cuffs on the wrists and sports a House of El emblem coloured red and yellow on the chest. It has a long red cape with matching red boots.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeEdit

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Justice LeagueEdit

Superman will wear two suits; his normal red and blue suit and a black suit.

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