Superman Returns is the soundtrack to the film of the same name Music composed by John Ottman.

Track listEdit

  • "Main Titles" (3:47)
  • "Memories" (3:05)
  • "Rough Flight" (5:11)
  • "Little Secrets/Power of the Sun" (2:47)
  • "Bank Job" (2:19)
  • "How Could You Leave Us?" (5:47)
  • "Tell Me Everything" (3:11)
  • "You're Not One of Them" (2:20)
  • "Not Like the Train Set" (5:10)
  • "So Long Superman" (5:29)
  • "The People You Care For" (3:25)
  • "I Wanted You to Know" (2:54)
  • "Saving the World" (3:10)
  • "In The Hands of Mortals" (2:09)
  • "Reprise/Fly Away" (4:17)

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