Superman III score

Superman III is the soundtrack to the film of the same name Music composed by Music by Ken Thorne.

Track listEdit

  • "Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis)" (5:23)
  • "Saving The Factory-The Acid Test" (6:09)
  • "Gus Finds a Way" (0:58)
  • "The Two Faces of Superman" (2:50)
  • "The Struggle Within-Final Victory" (4:16)
  • "Rock On" - Marshall Crenshaw (3:35)
  • "No See, No Cry" - Chaka Khan (3:18)
  • "They Won't Get Me" - Roger Miller (3:20)
  • "Love Theme" - Giorgio Moroder (3:14)
  • "Main Title March" - Giorgio Moroder (4:20)

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