Siobhan McDougal
Silver Banshee BMU 2
Alias(es) Silver Banshee
Appeared in Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem
Status Alive
Actor Kari Wuhrer

Siobhan McDougal was cursed with the powers that made her into Silver Banshee and could only cure herself by finding her family's ancient artifacts.


Batman Unlimited: Monster MayhemEdit

On Halloween night, Solomon Grundy and Silver Banshee escaped from Arkham with Scarecrow's help. They easily blended in with people in costumes but a trio of men in car honked at them to get off the street then called them a freakshow. They stole the car and went on a joyride. The police gave chase but Banshee used her death wail to knock the hover cars out. Soon Nightwing and Green Arrow joined the pursuit then Batman and Red Robin. Banshee created a cave-in as Grundy drove into tunnel and cut off Batman and Red Robin from following.

As Banshee fought Nightwing in the back seat, Scarecrow tossed a Fear Toxin globule at him. Disoriented, Nightwing was punched out by Banshee. Scarecrow admonished them for drawing attention on the way to the rendezvous point. Later that night, Scarecrow and Banshee broke into S.T.A.R. Labs' artificial intelligence research lab. They overwhelmed and blew out the security feed then got past the infrared tripwires, laser cage, and sonic alarms. Dr. Ivo's artificial intelligence project was stolen. The next night, Banshee was among the villains who gathered at Joker's hideout on the Gotham Boardwalk and waited for Gogo Shoto to regain consciousness. Joker then had him build a computer virus to take over the digital grid of the city. After they hit the Gotham Museum gala, they were naturally chased by Nightwing, Green Arrow, Red Robin, Batman, and Cyborg. Banshee tried to take out Red Robin with her wails but only hit a billboard. After the Joker took over the city, he passed on appointing Banshee head of the city's finance.

When the heroes raided Joker's hideout, Banshee focused on Green Arrow and unleashed her wails at the ferris wheel he perched on. Arrow landed near her and she broke his bow in half with a kick. Arrow ran into the fairgrounds and gathered a bunch of baseballs to substitute for his usual method of attack. Banshee was amused and prepared another wail but Arrow threw a ball point blank into her face. He threw another that bounced off a tarp and nailed her in the back of her head. A mask restraint was placed over her mouth and she was locked up in a stock. The Joker returned and freed everyone. They relocated to the Gotham News Building and started the upload of the artificial intelligence in an attempt to spread the virus worldwide. During the parade held in Joker's honor, Banshee vocalized and sang. Incognito, Arrow jeered Banshee. While the crowd joined in, Arrow fired an arrow into her float. Knockout gas was released and she lost consciousness. The restraint was placed on her mouth and she was taken back to Arkham Asylum.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Sound Manipulation


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

  • Batman Unlimited Universe (1 film)

Trivia Edit

  • In the comics, Silver Banshee is primarily a Superman villain.


Batman Unlimited: Monster MayhemEdit