Sayd concept
Appeared in Green Lantern
Actor Salome Jens
"Your words are compelling, young human. But as immortals, we must measure our actions over billions of years and the fate of the universe. We simply cannot risk losing everything on the chance you might be right."
―Sayd [src]

Sayd is one of the Guardians of the Universe from the planet Maltus.


Green LanternEdit

Member of the immortal race of the Guardians of the Universe, Sayd was among the wisest leaders of the Green Lantern Corps.

Along with the rest of the Guardians' council, she allowed Thaal Sinestro to guide a special squadron to try and defeat Parallax, but, when they failed, she gaves her permission to create a Yellow Power Ring, so that they would be able to fight Fear with fear.

Before Sinestro was able to take control of the new Ring, Hal Jordan convinced Sayd and the other Guardians to give him a chance to stop Parallax before it reached Earth, a proposal they gladly accepted.


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Green LanternEdit

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