Samuel Scudder
Mirror Master JLFPP
Alias(es) Mirror Master
Appeared in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
 After mastering all types of reflective properties and creating various devices, Samuel Scudder became a costumed criminal called the Mirror Master.


Justice League: The Flashpoint ParadoxEdit

In the beginning of the film he and the Rogues are attacking the Flash, but Professor Zoom betrays the Rogues and attaches bombs to them, which cannot be removed. The Justice League arrive and manage to dispose the bombs, Green Lantern takes Mirror Master to the upper limits of space where Green Lantern's ring is shielding while Batman uses his laser cutter to remove the bomb, which later drops in space from the bomb radius, and save Mirror Master's life.

Character traitsEdit


  • Gadgetry



  • Animation (1 film)
    • Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (First appearance)

Behind the scenesEdit

To be added


To be added


Justice League: The Flashpoint ParadoxEdit

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