Roman Sionis
Black Mask BUtRH
Alias(es) Black Mask
Appeared in Batman: Under the Red Hood
Actor Wade Williams

Roman Sionis is a Gotham City mob boss who goes by the name of Black Mask, due to the black skull mask that is grafted to his face.


Batman: Under the Red HoodEdit

Black Mask has a female assistant named Ms. Li, and is a crime lord in the midst of a massive turf war. Black Mask, Li, and a number of henchmen are kidnapped by the Joker and left bound and gagged in the back of a truck. The Joker attempts to kill all of the mobsters at once by covering them in gasoline and setting them ablaze, but they are ultimately rescued by the timely intervention of Batman. In the epilogue, he is awaiting trial.


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Behind the scenesEdit

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Batman: Under the Red HoodEdit

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