The Robin suit is the costume worn by Robin, Bruce Wayne's ward, partner and apprentice vigilante crime fighter.



1943 Batman Edit

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1966 Batman Edit

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Batman Forever Edit

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Batman & Robin Edit

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DC Extended UniverseEdit

Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeEdit

The torso part of the Robin suit is very dark red (almost brown), with a golden "R" on the upper left side of the chest. It appears to be very worn out (burnt) and beaten, as it has lost a lot of its color and has many scratches and bullet holes in it. It has a row of five rust-colored latches that cover a middle zipper. The top latch attaches a black cape to the suit. The suit has sleeves that extend to the middle of the biceps. The suit has a rust-colored utility belt, similar to Batman's. There are also triple-bladed armored gauntlets, also like Batman's. In addition, the Robin suit has boots that extend up along the shin. There is a small domino mask as well. The suit appears to be vandalized, with the words "HAHAHA Joke's on you BATMAN" spray-painted in yellow on the torso area of the suit.

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