Robert Hammond
Robert Hammond
Alias(es) Senator Hammond
Appeared in Green Lantern
Status Deceased
Actor Tim Robbins

Senator Robert Hammond was Hector Hammond's father in Green Lantern.


Green LanternEdit

Robert Hammond was present at the test of the Ferris Aircraft's new fighter jets. Because of his status as Senator, when he found out that the government had discovered an alien corpse and needed a scientist to examine it he persuaded them to let his son, Hector, be that scientist. He didn't tell Hector, so naturally Hector assumed it was because his talents had finally been recognised. Hector was disheartened when his father told him that it was his influence that got Hector the job and using the abilities he had gained from Parallax's DNA, Hector read Robert's mind. Hearing that Robert thought his son was a failure.

At a celebration of Ferris Aircraft's new contract, Robert made a speech saying how proud of Hal and Carol he was. Driven by jealousy and anger, Hector used his telekinesis to try and crash the helicopter that Robert was leaving in. Hal Jordan, in the guise of Green Lantern, saved the helicopter and its passengers including Robert.

Since Parallax's DNA had deformed Hector and people had become aware of his abilities, Robert and Amanda Waller decided to examine him and try to cure him. Hector broke free from his restraints and locked Robert in his place, throwing Amanda and taking out the guards. Green Lantern, alerted by his ring, arrived to stop Hector. Despite the interruption, Hector managed to lift Robert into an elevated room and burned him alive.



Behind the scenesEdit

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Green LanternEdit

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