Richard Grayson
Robin Burtonverse 03
Alias(es) Robin
Dick Grayson
The Boy Wonder
Appeared in Batman Forever
Batman & Robin
Actor Chris O'Donnell
"All I can think about every second of the day is getting Two-Face. He took my whole life. And when I was out there tonight, I imagined it was him that I was fighting, even when I was fighting you. And all the pain went away."
―Dick Grayson to Bruce Wayne. [src]

Richard "Dick" Grayson is the youngest member of The Flying Graysons. After his family was killed by Harvey Dent, Dick was taken in by Bruce Wayne and becomes his sidekick Robin.


Batman ForeverEdit

After Dick's family is murdered by Two-Face, Bruce Wayne takes him in. After discovering the Batcave, he becomes Batman's sidekick, Robin.

Batman & RobinEdit

Robin was a little more independent and uses rash methods which caused Batman not to trust Robin as much, Robin almost got himself killed by Mr. Freeze and turned by Poison Ivy which also made Batman a bit frustrated. In the end Robin did stay as the sidekick of Batman.




  • Burtonverse (2 films)


  • The Robin costume in Batman & Robin bears similarities to the comic's Nightwing costume at the time. There was alternate scripted dialogue at the beginning of the film where Dick proclaims Nightwing as his new identity before heading out. Dick previously considered "Nightwing" as his possible "sidekick name" in Batman Forever.
  • Producers of the first film considered using Robin and had even cast an actor, but they eventually dropped the character. Robin appeared in various scripts of Batman Returns, but was removed due to too many characters in the film. However, despite his exclusion from the movie, an action figure of Robin was still made.
  • An unproduced script featured Robin as a homeless boy vigilante, who becomes an ally to Batman. He was the leader of a juvenile gang, beating people up, and he eventually has a "hard-edged" relationship with Batman, who takes him in as his sidekick. Robin was later changed to an intelligent African-American teenager who's also a garage mechanic working in an autoshop garage. He was to supposedly fix the Batmobile after the Penguin wrecks it. According to screenplay writer Daniel Waters, he wears an old-fashioned garage mechanic uniform with an 'R' on it. There was a scene where he drives the Batmobile, which was used in the third film. He even helps Batman out of a jam. Marlon Wayans was cast, and signed for a sequel. The intention was to simply set up something small for a new creative team to explore to a fuller extent in the next movie.


Batman ForeverEdit

Batman & RobinEdit

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