Ra's al Ghul
Ra's Al Ghul (Batman)2
Appeared in Batman: The Demon's Quest
Actor David Warner

Ra's al Ghul was Batman's enemy who is an immortal through his use of the Lazarus Pits.


Batman: The Demon's QuestEdit

Ra's met Batman right in the Batcave, much to the Caped Crusader's surprise. Ra's requested his help in tracking down his daughter and Dick Grayson, who had both been kidnapped on the same night. However, it didn't take Batman long to realize that Ra's himself had done the kidnapping, and indeed, the whole thing was part of a plan to make Bruce his heir, and carry on his legacy. When Bruce refused, Ra's, disappointed, chose to speed things up and accomplish his goals in his own lifetime by saturating the planet with the contents of the Lazarus Pits, killing a high percentage of the Earth's population. Again, Batman thwarted his plot, preventing the cataclysm from happening and knocking Ra's himself into a Pit.



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