Ra's al Ghul
Ra's Al Ghul SOB
Appeared in Son of Batman
Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Status Deceased
Actor Giancarlo Esposito
T.C. Carson

Ra's al Ghul is the immortal leader of the League of Assassins.


Prior to the events of the film, Ra's made a deal with Trigon for the Lazarus Pits in exchange for worshipping him.

Son of BatmanEdit

Ra's al Ghul was the leader of the organization known as the League of Assassins. At some point in his life he had a daughter named Talia. One of his most skilled students was Slade Wilson who he had intended to be his heir until his daughter met and fell in love with Bruce Wayne. Seeing Wayne's skill and determination Ra's focused on making Bruce his new heir which angered Slade who was then kicked out of the League. Talia would then orchestrate a plot which involved drugging Bruce and then making love with him. The result of this affair led to the birth of Damian. Ra's al Ghul then groomed Damian to lead the League of Assassins. One day their home was attacked by Slade now calling himself Deathstroke. The two fought shortly only for Slade to burn him alive. Damian came to his assistance but Ra's died before he could make it to the pit.

Justice League vs. Teen TitansEdit

A demon who identifies himself as Ra's is encountered by Damian in Trigon's hellish realm, where he claims that Trigon is the creator of the Lazarus Pits and that their usage would entail a price in the form of eternal servitude following the recipient's death. As a servant of Trigon, he shatters the crystal that Raven intends to use to imprison her father. Damian, who has accompanied and bonded with Raven, attacks Ra's in her defense, eventually decapitating him. Ra's' body is then dragged into a monolith by a horde of Trigon's demons.


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

  • DC Animated Film Universe (2 film)

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Son of BatmanEdit

Justice League vs. Teen TitansEdit

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