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Parallax thumb
Alias(es) Fear Entity
Appeared in Green Lantern
Actor Clancy Brown

Parallax is the emotional embodiment of fear and an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps. He serves as the main antagonist in Green Lantern.


Green Lantern

Former Guardian of the Universe, Krona decides to become one with energy of Fear and becomes the entity, Parallax. In result, Parallax attempted to destroy Oa, then the universe. Abin Sur, guardian of 2814 imprisons the entity in the lost sector.

Years later, Parallax is awakened and unwillingly freed by some aliens, and starts wreaking havok in the galaxies once again. After absorbing many souls in worlds destroyed by his fury, Parallax gains power enough to attack and mortally wound his nemesis, Abin Sur, thus declaring war to the Green Lantern Corps. Warned by the dying Sur, Sinestro is acknowledged of Parallax' return and attacks him with a chosen squadron of Lanterns, who are easily defeated and killed by the cosmic being.

Called by his new servant, Hector Hammond, who's become his herald due to his contact with the alien's DNA in Abin Sur's body, Parallax reaches planet Earth. Disappointed by Hammond, who didn't manage to kill Abin Sur's replacement, Parallax kills his servant, along with many earthlings, and is challenged by the new Green Lantern. The battle takes Parallax away from the planet, near the Earth's sun. Overconfident because of his strength overpowering Hal's, Parallax goes too near the Sun's atmosphere and is caught by his gravitational field. Unable to escape gravity, Parallax is burnt by the star.

However, despite Krona's body being destroyed, the yellow energy of Fear doesn't disappear: Sinestro, not trusting Will anymore after witnessing the power of Fear, choses to wield a Yellow Power Ring, thus becoming the first Yellow Lantern and allowing Parallax to keep acting in the universe.




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