Oliver Queen
YJID Green Arrow
Alias(es) Green Arrow
Appeared in Independence Day
Actor Alan Tudyk

Green Arrow is the super hero alias of Oliver Queen.


Independence DayEdit

Whilst still mentoring Speedy, Green Arrow revealed to him that the Hall of Justice was only a "front for tourists", when in fact the real headquarters of the Justice League was an orbiting satellite called the Watchtower. His partner was inspired by the Justice League, and after rigorous training, Speedy was given the chance to join the Justice League on July 4. But before they could visit the Hall of Justice, Icicle attacked a suspension bridge in Star City.

Jumping into action, the two began to fire arrows at the ice villain, until finally Speedy knocked him out with a trick arrow. After Icicle's defeat, Green Arrow took Speedy to the Hall of Justice, where they joined Batman, Robin, Flash, Kid Flash, Aquaman and Aqualad. Green Arrow entered the Hall of Justice, where he and the other members of the League were called into a meeting. Speedy not being invited became angry, and left the Hall of Justice, when he was soon to become Red Arrow. Seconds after, they were called on a mission by Zatara, and Green Arrow left to stop Wotan from blocking out the sun.


  • Trick arrows

Relationships Edit

Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit


  • Unlike most other versions of Green Arrow, who is usually portrayed as the antagonistic member of the League, this Green Arrow is fairly easy-going in League matters.

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