Oliver Queen
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Alias(es) Green Arrow
Appeared in DC Showcase: Green Arrow
Actor Neal McDonough

Green Arrow is the super hero alias of Oliver Queen.


DC: Showcase: Green ArrowEdit

Oliver Queen went to Star City Airport to pick up Dinah Lance with the intentions of proposing to her. However, Oliver was delayed when he saw Merlyn entering the airport, using a Justice League application on his phone to identify him through facial recognition. He saved the princess of Vlatava from the League of Assassins and eventually fought Merlyn himself through the airport to protect the young girl. During the battle, the girl confirmed that her father was killed the night before and that her uncle was Count Vertigo. Green Arrow believed Vertigo hired Merlyn to kill Perdita so that he could be king. After the two archers engaged in a duel, the first out of eight previous ones that Arrow had won, Merlyn was defeated. Vertigo arrived in the airport and used his power against Arrow and nearly killed him, when Black Canary used her "Canary Cry" against Vertigo and defeated him. Arrow then proposed and Canary accepted before kissing her fiancé.


  • Trick Arrows


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