Monsieur Mallah
512 162
Actor Glenn Shadix

Monsieur Mallah is a gorilla that works with The Brain, and is abnormally intelligent.



Mallah started his life as a normal gorilla, but his intellectual (and perhaps also his physical) capabilities were greatly enhanced by the Brain, to whom he came to become very close, and attain sentience. When the Brain decided to live a life of villainy, Mallah willingly followed his lead.

Calling All TitansEdit

During the final battle in the Brotherhood's base, Mallah almost turned the tide of the battle, but once he realized they had lost, tried to escape with the Brain. Beast Boy knocked him back into the base and into the Brotherhood's freezing machine, however, where Mallah (and a short while later his master as well) was subsequently flash-frozen along with the other villains.


  • Superstrength
  • Super durability



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