Mas y Menos
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Actor Freddy Rodríguez

Mas y Menos are twin speedsters who can only use their power while touching.


Titans EastEdit

How the twins came to the attention and enlistment into the group which would become the Titans East remains unknown. Both are about twelve years old and come from Guatemala, and even though they had not learned to speak English at the time they came to America, they are perfectly able to understand it.

Initially, the twins were - by necessity - the only Titans East members who worked as a team, but even then they still got into the way of the others or were hindered themelves. Cyborg, who had originally come from Jump City to help outfit their tower, decided to give them a hand in getting more organized as a team. Más y Menos aided in the team's first takedown of the villain Steamroller, but when Brother Blood and his robot troopers attacked the tower soon afterwards, the Titans East panicked and split up, each fending for himself, herself, or (in the twins' case) themselves. Without the asisstance of their teammates, the twins were captured and, subjected to Blood's mind control, became his new 'students.' In order to augment his mind control and to find out what had enabled Cyborg to resist his mental powers, Blood decided to convert the Titans East into cyborgs. The Teen Titans, summoned by Cyborg, interfered and battled the brainwashed Titans East. Blood managed to capture the entire lot, but was finally defeated by Cyborg and jailed. After coming back to their senses, Más y Menos swiftly developed a crush on Starfire, which endangered their brothers' bond a bit.

Calling All TitansEdit

When pursued by the Brotherhood of Evil, the twins were hunted and separated by Johnny Rancid and Cinderblock, who took Menos prisoner. Más managed to escape and regrouped under Beast Boy's leadership along with Pantha, Herald and Jericho, and though bereft of his superpower, he bravely entered battle even against stronger opponents like Adonis, Punk Rocket and the Puppet King. When Titan reinforcements arrived and joined Beast Boy's team in battle, Más was finally able to reach his brother and unthaw him from flash-freezing via their sibling's bond. Promptly, they began fiddling with Professor Chang's machine and succeeded in uncovering its works, un-freezing the other captured Titans and then flash-freezing any defeated villain before they would recover. After the fight, they joined the other Titans and Honoraries in Titans Tower and in the subsequent recapture of Doctor Light.


  • Super Speed