Appeared in Superman: Blasts From The Past
Status Incarcerated
Actor Leslie Easterbrook

Mala was the lieutenant of Jax-Ur and was sentenced to the Phantom Zone until being released by Superman.


Superman: Blasts From The PastEdit

A brilliant warrior, at the height of her career Mala became the trusted lieutenant of High General Jax-Ur, until Jax-Ur grew power hungry and attempted to seize control of the planet. The attempted coup d'état was foiled by Jor-El. At his trial, Jax-Ur claimed sole responsibility for the uprising. The ruling council, feeling that Mala had only been following orders, sentenced her to only twenty years imprisonment in the Phantom Zone, while Jax-Ur's sentence was for life.

Years later, after Krypton's destruction, Superman discovered the Phantom Zone projector that his father had placed aboard his spaceship, and was able to use it to communicate with Mala. After reviewing the official record of her trial, Superman decided to "parole" Mala and released her.

Though initially disoriented by the loss of Krypton, Mala was delighted with her new super-powers and, despite Superman's efforts, quickly became too aggressive and overly destructive in her efforts to "help" Superman fight crime. Believing Superman weak for not using his powers to dominate the world (and possibly jealous of his affection for Lois Lane), Mala stole the projector and released Jax-Ur.

Together, the two Kryptonians attempted to destroy Superman and take over Earth, but Superman lured them both into a trap and sent them back to the Phantom Zone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit




  • Mala takes the place of Ursa and Faora from the comics, being the only evil female Kryptonian to have an animated counterpart.