Mad Harriet
Mad Harriet (Superman)
Appeared in Superman: Legacy
Status Alive
Actor Andrea Martin

Mad Harriet is an insane member of the Female Furies that uses long claws to defeat the opponents of her master, Darkseid.


Superman: Little Girl LostEdit

During Granny Goodness' mission to destroy Earth, she ran into some conflict with Supergirl and Jimmy Olsen. She summoned the Female Furies to take care of the two, but Mad Harriet and Lashina had trouble with her. Superman soon arrived, which excited the girls. Mad Harriet and Lashina were knocked away, but with Stompa's help, the Furies defeated Superman and Supergirl. The Furies brought Superman to Darkseid, but Supergirl soon came to his rescue. Mad Harriet immediately attempted to attack Supergirl, but the heroine was able to use her as a shield for Stompa's attacks. Superman and his cousin escaping, Darkseid ordered the Furies to punish Granny Goodness for her failure.

Superman: LegacyEdit

After Granny Goodness had brainwashed Superman into joining Darkseid's army, Mad Harriet and the other Furies were seen as his teammates. However, Superman soon regained his memory and returned to Apokolips. There, he was ambushed by his former allies, who all tackled him as he was flying. As a last resort, Superman smashed into a fiery pillar, leaving the Furies to fall one after another.


  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerability



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