Luornu Durgo
Triplicate Girl
Alias(es) Triplicate Girl
Duo Damsel
Actor Kari Wahlgren

Luornu Durgo is one of the original members of the Legion of Superheroes. Luornu can split into three different people, becoming Triplicate Girl. After her white self went missing for awhile, she became Duo Damsel.


Legion of Superheroes: SundownEdit

Triplicate Girl encouraged Bouncing Boy in his new status as leader and served as the main ship's crew during the fight with the Sun Eater.

Legion of Superheroes: The Man from the Edge of TomorrowEdit

After a battle against Imperiex, Triplicate Girl lost one of her bodies, and she redubbed herself Duo Damsel. She later dyed her hair black and changed her costume. To a beginning, it was hard for her to readjust to only having two bodies, but she has adapted to it quite well.

Legion of Superheroes: Dark VictoryEdit

After Brainiac's defeat, the future is restored with her neutral third returning to the 31st century to the other's delight. After that, she redubbs herself back to Triplicate Girl.


  • Binary Fusion


Behind the scenesEdit

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